Friday, May 31, 2013

Foto Friday: A little Cali

My husband and I just got back this past Sunday from a 9 day trip to California. We spent most of it with my family but we did sneak a day and a half in there just for us, I consider it a mini babymoon :0)

We are so blessed to have such caring and generous friends and family who took such good care of our 4 munchkins back at home.

Here are some snippets from the trip...unfortunately I dont have any photos of our last stop at my Grandpa Ken and Ruth's as Ruth ended up in the ER shortly after our arrival. She will hopefully be coming home tomorrow.


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The Potvin Crew said...

It's always nice to have get-a-way time together... glad you two were able to enjoy this time before the baby arrives. Hugs, Grace