Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Progress report

here is a collage of me through the first 6-7 weeks of my 20 week point in my pregnancy. 

He is growing and so am I, oh and yes I said "he"!  We are expecting another boy! This will make 4 boys and 1 girl for us. We have a name picked out for him and everyone is excited, though Lily had to have a little cry it out when she first found out and now she is super happy to have another brother on the way. 

My morning sickness has lessened which means for me I still average one barf session a day :P Im feeling pretty good aside from that. My legs are getting fidgety at night and I just started using a body pillow when I "sleep" (toss and turn is more like it). Heartburn has returned, anyone have any natural remidies for that? I personally dont want to take TUMS or something like that. My favorite things to eat: watermelon and ice (it has to be from the Holiday gas station) I've finally started to workout again because I guess Im keeping down enough food to have some form of energy. And I think my belly is finally pushing me in to the next size up tee shirts, which means I need someone to haul up the bin of maternity clothes again! I also have started to cry A LOT, and it bothers the daylights out of me...Im not an emotional girl in that way normally. Blah for pregnancy hormones! And did I mention I want a puppy? Crazy woman!

Nesting has set in at full swing and I am itching to re-do every single corner of my house, unfortunately money is a factor so I am doing what I can and I think I might be driving my husband slightly nuts with all of my "things I want to do before baby comes" conversations. :) For now Im in the process of painting a dresser for Auricks room and I need to aquire a twin bed for him still. I just finished helping Lily get her room ready to be shared with her brother, the only thing in there left to do is put baby clothes in the dresser and assemble the crib. I want to do something with my bedroom but the what of it all is illuding for now I will let it be. 

We have made the decision to sell our girl clothes that we have been storing from Lily (I have bins upon bins from brith until her current size!). I will keep one bin of things that are "special" and the rest I will try and sell at Once Upon A Child, and the stuff unsold I will donate. I know this will be an emotional and hard thing for me to do.  With the money we make from that I will be able to put it towards some new boy clothes for this little guy as most of our boy stuff is worn out after going through 3 boys, not to mention Aurick barfed oodles on everything so most of it is stained and gross.

So that is the update for now! Blessings!

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The Potvin Crew said...

Thanks for the update, Michelle. I'm glad you're beginning to feel better now. Cute photos!

Emilee was also upset at first when her fourth brother arrived. After that she was a "little mommy". One consolation I have come to grips with... if all of your sons get married, you'll be blessed with four more daughters. I'll be blessed with my new daughter this November!

Hugs, Grace